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Identifying ThinkPad X1 Carbon Type

This page will help you identify your ThinkPad X1 Carbon machine type and corresponding driver and manuals list.

Product Name Machine Type or Type Announced Date Driver List Manuals List
X1 Carbon 3443, 3444, 3446, 3448, 3460, 3462, 3463 14 Aug 2012 Click here Click here
X1 Carbon 20A7, 20A8 7 Jan 2014 Click here Click here
X1 Carbon 20BS, 20BT 6 Jan 2015 Click here Click here


Location of your X1 Carbon Type label:

  1. At the bottom of your machine
  2. Hidden by your battery, take out the battery


Identifying your X1 Carbon type:

ThinkPad X1 Carbon Type

  • Alias ID: x1-carbon-help
  • Document ID: HF004081
  • Last Updated :13 Jan 2015
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