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      Tips on keeping your tablet clean

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      What are some of the things I can do to keep my tablet screen clean?


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      IdeaPad Tablet



      Some people use cleaning agents such as soap and detergent. However, you are strongly advised to refer to your tablet’s User Manual to check that the chemicals (or whatever you intend to use) are safe as there are many common agents that cannot be used on your tablet’s touch screen display. These could cause a decline in the tablet’s sensitivity, or even smudge or cause permanent damage to your machine’s display.


      Stay clear of abrasive solutions and ammonia and spray cleaners. Do remember that in the course of cleaning your tablet that you have to avoid getting your tablet too wet as the water may seep into crevices and cause permanent damage to your hardware.

      Be gentle as you are cleaning the surface of your tablet - the rule of thumb is to clean the tablet as if it were your own touchscreen phone.


      Some people also choose to clean the screen with microfiber cloths, as well as wet wipes. Do ensure that if you use the latter that again, these are alcohol and ammonia-proof, and check that there are no moisturizing agents added (such as aloe vera). If you are using material from old clothes, check that it is not linty as the fibers could be caught on your tablet display.


      When cleaning your tablet, make sure that it is switched off so that damage to your device is minimized (and ensure it is disconnected to the power adapter or to any accessories), and that your settings remain unchanged, as these could be modified accidentally as you clean, and that once again, as little moisture as possible is used.


      You can further protect your tablet from damage by encasing your device in a folio.

      You can also choose to have your display screen covered by a screen protector. There are several kinds available, including those that provide anti-glare or privacy options.



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