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      How to enable or disable your touchpad - ThinkPad


      Instructions on how to enable or disable your touchpad

      Affected Brands

      All ThinkPad Systems

      Operating System

      • Microsoft Windows 10
      • Microsoft Windows 8.1
      • Microsoft Windows 7


      There are a few different methods to enable or disable your touchpad. The one that applies to your system will depend on the model. Try the following methods:

      Manual settings
      Disable Touchpad via BIOS
      Short cut Key (for selected ThinkPad models ONLY)

      Note: For Solution (1) and (3), users need to have ThinkPad UltraNav or ALPS ThinkPad UltraNav Driver installed and is available from Support Site.

      Solution 1: Manual settings

      1. Click on Start button, type Control Panel in the search box.
      2. Then tap or click Control Panel
      3. Under View by, click either Large icons or Small icons to view a list of all Control Panel items.
      4. Choose Mouse
      5. A pop up screen of Mouse Properties
      6. Choose UltraNav (Fig 2.1) tab or ThinkPad (Fig 2.2, Fig 2.3 or Fig 2.4) Tab
        Important Note: If your system doesn't have ThinkPad or UltrNav tab, you need to install Synaptics ThinkPad UltraNav or ALPS ThinkPad UltraNav Driver. Go to Lenovo Support Site and select your product first before proceeding to download the driver.

        For more information, please check on How To Navigate And Download Lenovo Softwares Or Drivers from Support Site
      7. There are two types of versions (1) Checkbox with Enable TouchPad and (2) Use TrackPoint Only dropdown. Choose either (1) or (2) base on your Mouse Properties interface.
      8. Uncheck Enable TouchPad (The screenshot might differ to each other due to different software versions. Look for your current interface screenshot)

        Fig 2.1

        Fig 2.2

        ThinkPad settings
        Fig 2.3


      9. Select Use TrackPoint Only (Fig 2.4)

        Fig 2.4

      Solution 2: Disable Touchpad via BIOS

      1. Shut down your ThinkPad then power it on.
      2. When the ThinkPad logo comes up, immediately press F1 to enter the BIOS Setup Utility. If your system has a Supervisor password set then you'll need to type it in when requested.
      3. Now use the cursor keys to navigate the menus until you find the one that relates to the TouchPad.
      4. Toggle the setting from Enabled to Disabled.
      5. Then press ESC until you get back to the Main Menu.
      6. Save the updated BIOS settings and then Reboot to Windows.

      Note: If you are unsure of what Fn key to press when the ThinkPad is booting, try pressing Enter button and select the bios from there.

      Solution 3: Short cut Key (for selected ThinkPad older models ONLY)

      1. Press Fn+F8. Note: User should have the following symbol on F8 key in order to use this function.

        F8 key

      2. A pop up will appear UltraNav device settings
      3. Chose the second option which says Enable track point only (disable touch pad)(Fig 1.1)

        Fig 1.1

      If the issue faced remain unresolved, please visit the Related Articles for assistance.


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