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Extracting and using .iso image files to create a DVD/CD-ROM disc

What is an .iso file?

An .iso file is a single large DVD/CD image file that represents a whole set of programs and data as they will appear once extracted and burned onto a DVD/CD-ROM disc. The entire DVD/CD image is stored in the ISO 9660 format with a file extension of ".iso". To be used, the .iso file must be first extracted and burned onto a DVD/CD-ROM disc using the software that came with your DVD/CD-ROM burner.

How to extract an .iso file to a CD-ROM disc

You must have access to a DVD/CD-R or DVD/CD-RW drive and software that is capable of creating a DVD/CD from an ISO image.

Most drives classified as CD-RW/DVD combo, MultiBurner, DVD-RW, or DVD-RAM also support the ability to burn DVD/CD-R and DVD/CD-RW discs. If you are unsure of the formats supported by your drive, check with the manufacturer of your drive.

Use your software's feature for creating a DVD/CD from an ISO image. RecordNow! and Nero Burning ROM call this feature "Burn Image". Refer to the help provided with your DVD/CD-R software for further assistance.

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