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      Intel PRO/1000 LAN Adapter Software for DOS - ThinkPad

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      READMe for Intel PRO/1000 LAN Adapter Software

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      Intel PRO/1000 LAN Adapter Software

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      This package installs the software (Ethernet driver) to enable the following device.

      • Intel Ethernet Connection I218-V
      • Intel Ethernet Connection I218-LM
      • Intel Ethernet Connection I217-LM
      Supported System
      Supported Operating Systems
      Summary of Changes
      Installation Instructions
      Determining which Version is Installed


      Supported System
      • ThinkPad T440, T440p, T440s
      • ThinkPad X240, X240s
      Supported Operating Systems
      • DOS
      Summary of Changes


      • < > Package Version number
      • ( ) Build ID for administrative purpose
      • [Important] Important update
      • (New) New function or enhancement
      • (Fix) Correction to existing function

      Version 6.05

      • (New) Initial release for ThinkPad T440,T440p,T440s,X240,X240s
      Installation Instructions


      • If your computer runs satisfactorily now, it may not be necessary to update the software. To determine if you should update the software, refer to the Version Information section.
      • The software for DOS is for unattended installation purpose only.
      Silent Install

      This is for system administrators' use only.

      The following sub-directory contains the drivers for DOS.\PRO1000\DOS

      Determining which version is installed


      File Name Version Driver
      e1000.dos 6.05 DOS NDIS2 5.05 DOS ODI

      To check the version of the device driver that is installed on your system, watch the sign on message such as the following when the device driver is


      DOS NDIS2:

      Intel(R) Gigabit Network Connection Driver v6.05 070313 Copyright 2000-2010, Intel Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

      DOS ODI Client:

      Intel(R) Gigabit Network Connection v5.05 (130702)Copyright 2000 - 2010, Intel Corporation. All Rights Reserved.


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