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      Setup multiple displays for ThinkPad T410s

      Prerequisite before you begin:

      • Ensure the AC adapter is plugged into the dock and a power outlet with power.
      • Ensure all external monitors are turned OFF before connecting them to the dock.

      Step 1:
      Dock the ThinkPad T410s and open the laptop; press the power button on the dock to boot the ThinkPad T410s. Confirm the power is on making sure the docking station power light is illuminated. Wait until the Windows desktop loads.


      Step 2:
      Connect the VGA display connector first into the Docking station.

      After connecting the VGA connector first; then, connect TWO DVI display connectors into the Docking station.

      Docking station
      DVI connector
      AC Power Connector
      VGA Connector

      Step 3:
      Hit Fn+F7 keys to open the Windows Display Options Menu and choose the Extend option as shown in the picture below.
      Windows Display Options menu

      Step 4:
      Turn on all monitors.


      If you have followed steps 1 through 4, and one or more of your displays does not connect, then you need to edit the Display Screen Resolution.

      Step 1:
      Right-click on the desktop and choose Screen resolution.

      Step 2:
      Picture below shows an example of a display not connected.

      Example: Display #2 and Display #4 are grayed out.

      This means they are not connected in the Multiple displays:
      Disconnect this display

      To resolve, highlight the display that is grayed out by left clicking the mouse on the grayed display. This will highlight the display with a blue border, indicating that display will be edited.

      Step 3:
      From the Multiple displays drop down list, select EXTEND DESKTOP TO THIS DISPLAY.
      Extend desktop

      Step 4: Click APPLY button.

      Step 5:
      Repeat Step 1 through 4 to resolve other displays that are not connected.

      Step 6:
      Turn off the monitor (that is not connecting), and unplug the power cord from the monitor. Connect the power cord into the monitor and turn on the monitor.

      Step 7:
      Repeat Step 1 through 4.

      Need additional information, visit the Windows Support Center


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