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      Battery pack removal and installation - ThinkPad Z60m, Z60t

      Battery removal movie - ThinkPad Z60m

      Battery installation movie - ThinkPad Z60m

      Battery removal movie - ThinkPad Z60t

      Battery installation movie - ThinkPad Z60t

      1. Turn off the system, or enter hibernation mode. Then disconnect the ac adapter and all cables from the system.
        Note: If you are using a PC Card, the system may not be able to enter hibernation mode. If this happens, turn off the system.
      2. Close the system display, and turn the system over.
      3. Unlock the battery latch by sliding it to the left (1). Then remove the battery (2).
        Slide the latch to the unlock position and remove the battery.

      4. Install a fully charged battery.
        Gently push the spare battery into the system.
      5. Turn the system over again. Connect the ac adapter and the cables to the system.

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