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      ThinkVision L150 15.0-inch LCD Monitor (Think Express Program) - Technical specifications

      Features and specifications
      Display size15.0 inches
      Maximum viewable area15.0 inches
      Maximum Resolution/pixel rate (Hz)1024 x 768
      Dot/Pixel pitch0.297 mm
      Brightness (typical) 
      Contrast (typical) 
      Cell response time (typical) 
      Video input 
      Viewing angleVertical: +/- 100 degrees
      Horizontal: +/- 130 degrees
      Dimensions (monitor and stand)Weight: 10.6 lbs (4.8 kg)
      Height: 14.6 inches (370 mm)
      Width: 14.3 inches (363 mm)
      Depth: 8.4 inches (214 mm)
      Power requirements 
      Power supply 
      Power cord - detached 


      1 year Limited - customer carry-in exchange

      United States

      • Announce date: 11 May 2004
      • Planned availability date: 14 May 2004
      • Effective withdrawal date: 05 Jul 2005


      1. The part number (9418-AB1) is for small-medium businesses (SMB) use only.
      2. Refer to the ThinkVision L150 15.0-inch LCD Monitor overview for additional information.
      Additional Product information
      right arrowConfiguration files - Relevant files for your product
      right arrowService parts - Parts listing for your product
      right arrowUser's guide - Instruction manual for your product
      right arrowTroubleshooting - Step-by-step instructions for solving common monitor issues


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