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      WinDVD 8 Plays Video CD Wrong Size for Windows 7 - ThinkPad R400, R500, T400 and T500


      When playing Video CD, the image appears small and in the upper left-hand corner of the video window. Full screen playback is normal.

      An error in WinDVD plays MPEG-1 files at native resolution regardless of the video window size. The trigger for this error is the screen being set to 150% DPI. The error does not appear in 100% ro 125 DPI modes.

      Fullscreen playback is normal when this bug exists.

      Only systems with AMD graphics exhibit this behavior.

      DVD and Blu-ray playback are not affected because they do not use MPEG-1.

      Lenovo sets 150% DPI mode for WUXGA screens in the factory.


      Affected configurations

      Any of the following ThinkPad systems running Microsoft Windows 7 configured with WinDVD 8 BD, AMD graphics, and WUXGA screen:

      • R400, R500
      • T400, T500



      No fix is currently available.

      1. Play Fullscreen Mode; OR
      2. Use Media Player for Video CD; OR
      3. Change desktop DPI to 125%.


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