Power supply installation movie - ThinkStation C20 (type 4262, 4263, 4264, 4265), C20x (type 4266, 4269, 4271, 4272)


Text of the audio portion of this movie
  • Lower the power supply assembly into position in the chassis and slide it forward. Secure it with the four retaining screws. Place the three long power cable assemblies into the guides in the chassis as shown. Turn the chassis over and place the large ribbon cable into the guides in the trough. Feed the end through the slot in the chassis. Place the rear cover over the chassis and secure it with the retaining screws. Route the cable assembly through the guides on the systmeboard. Lower the plastic frame into position. Reconnect the two cables. Reconnect the two power cable assemblies in the far corner.
  • Insert the two tabs into the rear of the chassis and rotate the PCI card holder down until the two clips at the front engage.
  • Insert the three clips into the holes in the chassis and rotate the bezel until it snaps into position.
  • Lower the cover into position in the guides and close the cover.
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