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      Memory Removal Movie - ThinkPad X1

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      Text of the audio portion of this movie

      Turn on the computer.

      1. Press Fn-F1 to access BIOS
      2. Select Config from the Main Menu
      3. Press the down arrow until you get to the power item and hit enter
      4. Press the down arrow to the Disable Built-in Battery item
      5. Read the item specific help Hit enter
      6. You will see:
      7. Setup warning!
      8. Please disconnect the AC adapter
      9. Hit enter to continue
      10. When the AC adapter is still plugged in, this message will not go away
      11. Now disconnect the AC adapter
      12. After you have disconnected the AC adapter, hit enter again
      13. You will see:
      14. Setup warning!
      15. System will be powered down if you select Yes
      16. Do you want to proceed?
      17. Yes
      18. Hit Enter
      19. The system will shut down and be safe for servicing.
      20. Remove the single retaining screw.
      21. Unsnap the plastic door.
      22. Free the tab and pull the hard disk out of the chassis.
      23. Remove the four retaining screws.
      24. Lift the frame off of the drive.
      25. Remove the two retaining screws.
      26. Turn the system over and open the cover.
      27. Push the keyboard toward the back and pull up on the front of the keyboard.
      28. Slide the keyboard out of the chassis, flip it over, and set it on the palm rest.
      29. Disconnect the two ribbon cables.
      30. Here's a closer look.
      31. Push out on the two latches to release the DIMM.
      32. Pull the DIMM out of the slot.


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      Full service video CD available from http://service.lenovo.partner-management.com/


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