WLAN Removal Movie - ThinkPad Edge E220s


Text of the audio portion of this movie

Turn on the computer.

  • Press Fn-F1 to access BIOS
  • Select Config from the Main Menu
  • Press the down arrow until you get to the power item and hit enter Press the down arrow to the Disable Built-in Battery item
  • Read the item specific help
  • Hit enter
  • You will see:
  • Setup warning!
  • Please disconnect the AC adapter
  • Hit enter to continue
  • When the AC adapter is still plugged in, this message will not go away
  • Now disconnect the AC adapter
  • After you have disconnected the AC adapter, hit enter again
  • you will see:
  • Setup warning!
  • System will be powered down if you select Yes
  • Do you want to proceed?
  • Yes
  • Hit Enter
  • The system will shut down and be safe for servicing.
  • Remove the single retaining screw.
  • Unsnap the plastic door.
  • Free the tab and pull the hard disk out of the chassis.
  • Remove the four retaining screws.
  • Lift the frame off of the drive
  • Remove the two retaining screws.
  • Turn the system over and open the cover.
  • Push the keyboard toward the rear, then rotate it up, flip it over, and set it down on the palmrest.
  • Disconnect the two ribbon cables.
  • Here's a closer look.
  • Disconnect the two antennas.
  • Remove the single retaining screw.
  • Lift the adapter out of the chassis.
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