Processor installation movie - ThinkCentre A52 (type 8154, 8161, 8162, 8164, 8165) / M52 (type 8111, 8211, 8212, 8213, 8214)

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To install the processor:

  1. Open the processor retainer.
  2. Using the vacuum tool, place the processor in position over the socket, using the slots on the processor and the keys in the socket for alignment. Use care not to touch the contacts on the processor as any contamination can damage them. Here’s a closer look at the notches on the processor and the alignment keys on the socket.
  3. Close the processor retainer. Rotate processor release leaver to the locked position.
    Note when installing a new heat sink, you must remove the protective cover over the pre-applied thermal layer. Do not add any additional thermal grease.
  4. Install the heatsink. Insert the bottom edge of the heat sink under the lip on the heat sink retention bracket and rotate the back edge down until the heat sink is seated in the bracket.
  5. Rotate the heat sink release lever to the locked position. Here’s a closer look at the beveled edge on the heat sink and the associated cutout on the heat sink retention bracket.
    Note that when you replace a processor, you must return the processor replacement tool, along with the replaced processor, in the packaging provided. The replaced heat sink should be disposed of locally.
  6. Return the system to the operational position. Carefully rotate the drive bay assembly to the closed position, ensuring the cables are properly routed in the bay to avoid damage.
  7. Close the top cover. Rotate the cover down until secured by the latches.
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