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  1. Remove the battery by turning the system over and sliding the single release latch to the unlock position
  2. With a finger under the lip of the catch, lift the battery off the system
  3. 2 screws on the bottom of the system hold the keyboard in place. Remove these screws and turn the system over.
  4. Open the computer, and carefully slide the keyboard toward the back of the machine.
  5. Using a probe, loosen the keyboard and lift it up
  6. Disconnect the connector from the system board as shown and remove the keyboard from system.
  7. The palm rest can be removed by first removing the hard drive cover retaining screw and the cover.
  8. Remove the 9 palm rest retaining screws from the bottom of the system.
  9. Turn the system over and open the computer.
  10. Disconnect the ZIF connector as shown.
  11. Carefully lift the palm rest up from the rear side first and lift it off.
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