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      Front panel card removal movie - ThinkCentre A52 (8288, 8297, 8326, 8329, 8342, 8380)

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      Front panel card installation movie


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      To remove the front panel card:

      1. Remove the side cover.
      2. Remove two rear screws.
      3. Grasp the handle and slide the cover approximately 1/2 inch to the rear.
      4. Rotate the cover out and lift off.
      5. Remove the front bezel. Disconnect the cable for the power switch LED assembly from the system board. There are three latching tabs on the left side and three hinge tabs on the right of the bezel.
      6. While apply pressure to the top of the bezel, release each of the three tabs starting with the tabs on the top.
      7. Rotate the left side of the bezel away from the chassis until the hinge tabs are free.
      8. Lift the bezel from the chassis using caution not to damage the power switch LED cable as you pull it through the chassis.
      9. Place the system in the service position.
      10. Turn off the system and all attached peripheral devices.
      11. Disconnect all power cords and all external signal cables. For easier access to components, place the system on its side, this is the recommended service position.
      12. Remove the front panel card. Disconnect the audio cable and USB cable from the system board.
      13. Remove the single screw securing the front panel card assembly to the chassis.
      14. Rotate the assembly away from the chassis and carefully feed the cable through the cut-out on the chassis.

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