System board removal movie - ThinkPad X200

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Before removing the system board, remove the:

To remove the system board:

  1. Remove the single system board retaining screw on the bottom of the system
  2. Turn the system over and open the cover
  3. Disconnect and unplug any wireless WAN, wireless LAN, and wireless USB antennas from the cable trough as shown, lifting any tape from the cables as required
  4. Remove the two screws from the VGA connecter cable and lift it off the system board, removing any additional antenna cables
  5. Remove the six system board retaining screws, and the two wireless LAN and two wireless WAN screws as needed
  6. Lift the wireless LAN, wireless WAN and wireless USB cables out of the system
  7. Disconnect the ZIF connector and lift off the EMI shield
  8. Lift the system board up and out, then turn it over and disconnect the power cable as shown
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