Optical drive installation movie - ThinkCentre A52 (8288, 8297, 8326, 8329, 8342, 8380)

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To install a drive in media bay 1 or 2:

  1. Slide the drive into the media bay, using the screwholes for alignment and secure with the two screws.
  2. Connect the signal cable and the power cable. Use the same procedure to install a drive in media bays 1 or 2.
    Note: Different devices will have different cabling requirements.
  3. Return the system to its operational position.
  4. Install the front bezel. Route the power switch LED cable through the hole in the chassis.
  5. Align the tabs on the bezel with the slots in the chassis and press until secured by the latches. Here is a closer look at a hinge tab on the bezel and a cut-out in the chassis.
  6. Connect the power switch LED cable to the system board.
  7. Install the side cover. Position the cover over the chassis using the tabs at the top and bottom as a guide.
  8. Slide the cover forward until it is locked in place.
  9. Secure with the two screws. Here is a closer look at one of the tabs on the cover and the slot in the chassis.