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To remove the adapter card:

  1. Place the system in the service position
  2. Turn off the system and all attached peripheral devices.
  3. Disconnect all power cords and all external signal cables.
  4. For easier access to components, place the system on its side. This is the recommended service position.
  5. Remove the side cover.
  6. Press the cover-release button on the right side cover, slide the cover to the rear and lift it off.
  7. Remove the adapter card
  8. Press down on the release the latch.
  9. Rotate the card retaining bracket to the open position.
  10. Grasp the adapter cards by the ends and lift it out of the connector. Here’s a close up the adapter retaining release bracket.
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Detailed adapter card installation and removal instructions for ThinkCentre A51, A52, M52 and M52e systems

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