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Locations overview movie - ThinkCentre A52 (type 8154, 8161, 8162, 8164, 8165) / M52 (type 8111, 8211, 8212, 8213, 8214)

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  • Located on the front of the system:
    1. are the power control button
    2. the power-on LED
    3. and the hard disk drive LED
    4. 5.25 inch drive bay shown here with a CD-RW
    5. and a diskette drive
  • These ports:
    1. headphone
    2. microphone
    3. and two USB ports
  • Cover release buttons are located on the sides of the system
  • Located on the rear of the system:
    1. are the AC power connector
    2. and power supply diagnostic LEDs. The green LED indicates that the power supply is functioning correctly. The yellow LED indicates a power supply fault.
      Note: refer to the HMM for expanded diagnostics information about the power supply LEDs.
    3. the power voltage selection switch
    4. cable lock latch
    5. PCI express x16 graphics adapter connector
  • and these ports:
    1. four USB ports
    2. audio line-in
    3. audio line-out
    4. video
    5. parrallel
    6. 10/100/1000 ethernet
    7. two USB ports
    8. serial
    9. PS/2 mouse and PS/2 keyboard
    10. two PCI slots
  • In the service position, you can see:
    1. the power supply
    2. intrusion switch
    3. diskette drive
    4. optical drive
    5. AGP card slot
    6. battery
    7. riser card
    8. heat sink and processor
    9. memory
    10. front fan
    11. and hard disk drive


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