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To install the system board:

  1. Position the system board in the chassis using the screw holes and port cutouts on the rear for alignment.
  2. Gently lift the board slightly and slide it to the rear until the screw holes are aligned and the latches secure the board in place. Here is a closer look at the bracket on the system board and the alignment tabs in the chassis.
  3. Secure the system board to the chassis with the seven screws.
  4. Connect the following cables:
    1. Front panel card
    2. P1 power
    3. P2 power
    4. Front fan
  5. Install the fan baffle and processor. If the dust cover is installed, rotate the processor release lever to the open position.
  6. Open the processor retainer. Remove the dust cover from the processor socket by pressing on the tabs at the bottom of the cover and lifting it off.
  7. Lift the processor up and carefully remove the protective cover. Use care not to touch the contacts on the processor as any contamination may damage them.
  8. Using the vacuum tool, place the processor in position over the socket, using the slots on the processor and the keys in the socket for alignment.
  9. Close the processor retainer. Rotate processor release lever to the locked position. Note the slots on the processor used to align the processor in its socket and the alignment arrow.
  10. Note when installing a new heat sink, you must remove the protective cover over the pre-applied thermal layer. Do not add any additional thermal grease.
  11. Position the heat sink over the heat sink retention bracket using the beveled edge for alignment.
  12. Insert the bottom edge of the heat sink under the lip on the heat sink retention bracket and then rotate the top edge down until the heat sink is seated in the bracket.
  13. Rotate the heat sink release lever to the locked position.
  14. Here is a closer look at the beveled edge on the heat sink and the lip on the heat sink retention bracket.
  15. Rotate the heat sink release leaver to the locked position.
  16. Install the Fan baffle. Position the fan baffle using the tabs on the baffle and the cutouts in the chassis as a guide.
  17. Press down on the fan duct assembly until it locks into place. Note that when you replace a processor you must return the processor replacement tool along with the replaced processor in the packaging provided. The replaced heat sink should be disposed of locally.
  18. Install the DIMMs. Ensure that the retention latches are open, and then insert the DIMM straight into the slot, pressing down on both corners at the same time until secured by the latches. Use the same procedure to install any remaining DIMMs.
  19. Install the battery. Position the battery in the socket and press down until it is secured by the latch.
  20. Install the adapter card. Position the card over the slot and press until it is seated.
  21. Rotate the retaining bracket down until is latches into place.
  22. Install the side cover. Position the bottom of the cover over the edge of the chassis.
  23. Rotate the cover down while aligning the tabs on the cover with the slots in the chassis.
  24. Slide the cover forward until it is secured in place. Here is a closer look at the cover tab and a slot in the chassis.
  25. Return the system to its operational position.
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Detailed system board installation and removal instructions for ThinkCentre A51, A52, M52 and M52e systems

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