Processor removal movie - ThinkCentre A50 (type 8089, 8090) / A51 (type 8105, 8107, 8109, 8117, 8119, 8121) / M51 (type 8104, 8106, 8108, 8118, 8120) / S50 (type 8086, 8087, 8088, 8094)

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Processor installation movie


Text of the audio portion of the processor removal movie

To remove the processor:

  1. Place the system in the service position.
  2. Turn off the system and all attached perpherial devices.
  3. Disconnect all power cords and all external signal cables.
  4. Open the top cover.
  5. Press the cover release buttons, one on each side and rotate the cover up to the open position.
  6. Open the drive bay assembly.
  7. Grasp the assembly and rotate to the open position.
  8. Loosen the two screws on the leaf spring retention clamps.
  9. Alternately loosen the two screws to prevent damage to the heat sink.
  10. Lift the heat sink off the processor.
  11. Rotate the processor release lever to the open position.
  12. Grasp the processor by the edges and lift it out of the socket.
  13. Place the processor on a static protective surface.