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      Locations overview movie - ThinkPad X60/s

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      With the cover open, you can see:

      • The display
      • The ThinkLight
      • Located along the bottom of the display are the following indicators:
        • Wireless
        • Bluetooth
        • Wireless WAN
        • Num lock
        • Caps lock
        • Drive in use
        • Power on
        • Battery status
        • AC power status
        • Standby status
      • You can see these control buttons across the top of the keyboard:
        • Mute
        • Volume down
        • Volume up
        • ThinkVantage
        • Power on

      In the lower portion of the keyboard, you can see:

      • The TrackPoint stick
      • The TrackPoint buttons
      • The finger print reader

      Located on the top of the ThinkPad are these status indicators:

      • Battery
      • Power
      • Standby

      On the front of the ThinkPad is a single cover latch.

      Located on the front edge of the base is the wireless on / off switch.

      Located on the right side of the ThinkPad are:

      • W WAN antenna
      • Infrared port
      • IEEE1394
      • USB
      • Headphone
      • Microphone
      • HDD
      • Modem
      • AC power
      • Security keyhole

      Located on the left side:

      • USB port
      • Monitor connector
      • Ethernet port
      • SD card slot
      • PC card slot

      Located on the bottom of the ThinkPad:

      • The battery lock
      • Battery latch
      • Docking connector
      • Memory door
      • Speaker

      With the keyboard and upper case removed, the following components can be seen:

      • Processor heat sink fan assembly
      • Backup battery
      • AC Connector
      • Hard disk drive
      • PC SD card slot
      • Speaker
      • Modem daughter card
      • Wireless WAN
      • Wireless LAN
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      Full service video CD available from http://www.pc.ibm.com/training.


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