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ThinkPad X40 system locations overview movie

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Located on the top of the X4 UltraBase dock is the docking connector.

Located along the front edge is the:

  • Power button
  • Power lock knob

Located on the right side are the:

  • System eject lever
  • System eject button
  • Key lock

Located on the rear are the:

  • PS2 keyboard or mouse connector
  • USB connectors
  • Modem connector
  • Ethernet connector
  • Parallel connector
  • Serial connector
  • External monitor connector
  • AC-In port

Located on the left side are the:

  • Security key hole
  • UltraBay Slim
  • UltraBay eject lever
  • UltraBay status indicator
  • UltraBay latch.

NOTE: The UltraBay Slim accepts several storage devices, such as a DVD drive or CD-RW drive. It will also accept an UltraBay Slim carrier.

Located on the bottom are the:

  • Foot
  • Speakers

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