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      Partition Structure Hotfix for Windows 8 (64 bit) - IdeaPad Yoga 13

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      Partition Structure Hotfix for 64-bit Windows
      Windows 8 (64-bit)
      Important Notice:  Please Read This First

      This tool will make changes to the partition structure on your PC’s hard drive. To ensure safe operation, please read the FAQ sheet below. It is recommended you backup your data prior to using this tool.

      • Affected configurations:

      Yoga 13 notebooks that produced before November 2012, with the partition D is 25G. After that, Lenovo set the default partition D to be 4G for the Yoga 13 notebooks, for which there is no need to install this hotfix.

      Tip: You may check your notebook produce date at the bottom of the machine.

      • What does this tool do?

      The tool adds to the size of the C drive by doing three things: First, it will merge the D drive with the C drive.  Second, it will check the actual used space in the OneKey Recovery (OKR) partition, and then will resize that partition accordingly. Finally, free space recovered from the OKR partition will also be merged with the C drive.

      • How much space will I have?

      This varies based on a number of factors, including how much data you have on your C drive, how much data you have on your D drive, and even the language of Windows 8.  Typically, a US English edition of Windows 8 will have a 95-100GB C drive once the tool is complete.  Note this is the total size of the C drive, not actual free space.  Free space will depend entirely on how much data you already have on your system.

      • What will happen to the data on my D drive?

      Any data on the D drive will be moved to a D_Backup folder on the C drive.

      • What will happen to applications installed on my D drive?

      It is critical any applications installed to the D drive are uninstalled before using this tool.  Applications can be reinstalled to the C drive once the tool is finished. Any applications not uninstalled from the D drive prior to running the tool will likely no longer work once the partition restructure is complete.

      • Will I still be able to use OneKey Recovery (OKR) after I run this tool?

      Yes. OneKey Recovery can still be used to restore the system to factory contents.

      Note: The “Application” and “Drivers” folders currently on the D drive will not be restored by OneKey Recovery. Ensure these folders are backed up prior to running OKR.

      • If I run OKR, will I have to run this tool to resize the partitions again?

      No. The changes to the partition structure will persist through an OKR restore.

      • I’ve already used Disk Management to merge my C and D drives.  Can I still use this tool?

      Yes. If you have already merged the C and D drives, the tool will simply skip that operation and move to dynamic reallocation of OKR partition space.

      • I’ve already used third party instructions or tools to rearrange my partitions beyond just merging the C and D drives. Can I still use this tool?

      No. This tool is designed to restructure the drive based on the out-of-box partition structure, or with C and D drive merge as the only change made. If any other changes have already been made to your partition structure, use of this tool may have unintended consequences.

      • Installation Instructions:
      1. Download the file.
      2. Right-click the file and select “Run as Administrator”.
      3. When prompted, enter Y (Yes) to proceed.

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      • Last Updated :27 Mar 2014
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