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      Lenovo Diagnostics (Bootable USB) - Desktops, Notebooks, Workstations

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      Lenovo Linux Diagnostics - Bootable USB
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      Linux (Red Hat / SUSE)
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      Linux (Red Hat / SUSE)

      Lenovo Diagnostics - Bootable USB is a diagnostic tool that can be booted itself and tests the memory and hard drives in Lenovo ThinkPad, ThinkCentre, ThinkStation and ThinkServer.

      Note: The USB diagnostic tool has to be created on a Linux system first, and only then it can be used on a Lenovo computer regardless of what Operating System the system has once it is created.

      Supported Systems

      • All Thinkpad
      • All ThinkCentre
      • All ThinkStation
      • All IdeaCentre
      • Lenovo Essential
        • B475e, B480, B490, B490s, B575e, B580, B590
        • B4400, B4450s, B5400
        • E49, E4430, K2450, K29, K4350, K4450, K49
        • G400, G400s, G405, G405s, G410, G410s, G480, G485, G500, G500s, G505, G505s, G510, G510s
        • G580, G585, G700, G710, G780
        • M4400, M4400s, M4450, M5400, M490, M490s, M495
        • V4400, V4400u, V480, V480c, V480s, V490u, V580, V580c

      Supported Operating Systems

      • All Operating Systems - Self Bootable

      Note: It must be created on a Linux Operating System below:

      • RHEL Workstation 6.x
      • SUSE Server 11
      • Ubuntu 11.04

      Summary of Changes


      • FIX: LSC Lite - Battery - The names of tests on battery module are wrong
      • FIX: LSC Lite - Lite 4.10.0 Rev 8421 - Motherboard - All contents about USB speed sub-test need to delete from USB Test description

      Additional Information

      Please refer to the README file for the following:

      • Installation Instructions
      • Limitations

      Open source code

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      • Last Updated :03 Aug 2016
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