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      Maintenance Patch for ThinkVantage Rescue and Recovery v3.00.0025 or v3.00.0027

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      Maintenance Patch for ThinkVantage Rescue and Recovery
      46.77 MB
      Windows XP (32-bit)
      This package will update Rescue and Recovery version 3.00.0025 or 3.00.0027 to version 3.01.0037. Rescue and Recovery version 3.00.0025 or 3.00.0027 must be installed on your system for this update to work.
      Additional information
      Summary of changes

      The following information provides details of problems which have been corrected in this version of the software:

      1. Users are now able to boot into the Rescue and Recovery workspace after restoring a sysprep base backup from a CD.
      2. The Backup Scheduler now correctly supports Daylight Savings Time timestamping.
      3. A new CD-RW engine has been incorporated to improve the creation of rescue media and recovery CDs.
      4. The Rescue and Recovery application no longer causes an intermittent system crash when a Daylight Savings Time event occurs.
      5. Users can now save files to a USB hard drive prior to restoring from a backup.
      6. A multiple-partition image can be correctly restored to a blank hard drive.
      7. Users can no longer insert a restore CD before being prompted to prior to the second boot into the Rescue and Recovery environment.
      8. Bootmanager updates have been incorporated to make the Rescue and Recovery application compatible with Pointsec software.
      9. A DOS window no longer opens when you select to view Help topics in the Rescue and Recovery environment.
      10. Users are now able to modify backup passwords using a command prompt.
      11. Users are now able to enable or disable the security chip using an XML file.
      12. Additional device drivers have been added to support Rescue and Recovery performance.
      13. The Logmon.exe file has been updated to minimize its CPU utilization.
      14. Rescue and Recovery chkdsk /f command conflicts have been corrected. This command no longer creates conflicts with other system management applications.
      15. The Ibmfilter.sys file has been updated to correct compatibility issues with BBSoft Player.
      16. Wireless network connections no longer fail due to emulated machine certificates.
      Downloading the package
      1. Click the file links to download the files from the Web page.
      2. When prompted, select a drive and directory in which to save the downloaded files.
      Installing the package

      Note: This maintenance patch is meant to be applied only to officially released builds of Rescue and Recovery versions 3.00.0025 and 3.00.0027. If an administrative install (install using msiexec.exe and .msi file) was used to install versions 3.00.0025 or 3.00.0027, the uncompressed source must be available on the system in order for the patch to be applied. Please use the following instructions to run the patch. The instructions below assume that version 3.00.0025 or 3.00.0027 is already installed on the target system.

      1. Close all open applications.
      2. Click Start, select Find or Search, then click Files and folders.
      3. Type rnr30webupdate037.exe in the search field, then click Find Now. This will locate the file you just downloaded.
      4. Double-click the rnr30webupdate037.exe icon.
      5. Click Next, then read the license agreement.
      6. Click I accept the terms in the license agreement.
      7. Click Next.
      8. The necessary files will extract to the C:\SWTOOLS\APPS\RnR30\webupdate01 directory and the installation should start automatically.
      9. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.
      Uninstalling the package

      If Rescue and Recovery version 3.00.0025 or 3.00.0027 and the Web update were installed using Windows Installer 3.0 or greater, the Web update can be uninstalled using the following commands. If version 3.00.0025 or 3.00.0027 were installed with a previous version of Windows Installer, then the Web update cannot be uninstalled. Windows Installer 3.0 or greater is included in Windows XP SP2. If you installed version 3.00.0025 or 3.00.0027 using setup.exe (non-administrative install), then Windows Installer 3.0 is installed automatically. If version 3.00.0025 or 3.00.0027 was installed using msiexec.exe and the .msi file with a user interface (non-silent), you will be warned that you will not be able to uninstall future updates if Windows Installer is not 3.0 or greater.

      1. Click Start, then click Run.
      2. Type Msiexec /I {BF90215F-2D7B-4C84-8A24-A03BC41B95DD} MSIPATCHREMOVE={27BD642E-BF7F-45E9-8767-3DF535CD5522} /qb
      3. Click OK.
      4. Follow the onscreen instructions, if any, to complete the uninstallation.

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