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      Intel Chipset Support for Windows 2000/XP - ThinkPad R52, T43/p, X41, X41 Tablet, Z60m, Z60t

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      Intel Chipset Support 4
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      Windows XP (32-bit)
      README for Intel Chipset Support 4

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      Windows XP (32-bit)
      This package contains following support modules.

      - To detect and configure the INTEL 915 Chipset.

      The following ThinkPad computers are supported:
      - ThinkPad T43, T43p
      - ThinkPad R52
      - ThinkPad X41, X41 Tablet
      - ThinkPad Z60m, Z60t

      Note: This program is based on the US version but, this is language independent and can be used with any language system.
      Additional information
      This Additional information field contains the following sections
      I. Summary of changes
      II. Installation instructions
      III. Determining which version is installed

      I. Summary of changes

      Version 1.00

      • (New) Detect and Configure INTEL 915 Chipset.


      • No update from version 1.00. Only the version notation was changed from 1.00 to, in order to unite with the version notation of Intel.

      II. Installation instructions
      Apply this program to enumerate INTEL chipset correctly after installing base operating system with each supplement files.
      1. Close any running applications.
      2. Run the InstallShield installation program in the INTELINF directory.
        • Windows XP/2000: INFINST_autol.exe
      3. You will be prompted to agree to the license agreement. If you do not agree, the Installer will exit before extracting any files.
      4. Follow the on screen instructions and use the default settings to complete the setup, once the operating system has rebooted.
      5. This completes the installation of the Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility.

      Unattended Install
      Run infinst_autol.exe with the command line flags as follows.
      • Windows XP/2000: INFINST_autol.exe -a -s

      How to extract Windows INF files prior to OS installation
      1. Click Start and then click Run.
      2. Type infinst_autol.exe -a -a -p C:\INTEL (for example ) in Open column.
      3. Click OK.
      4. Setup Screen (INTEL Chipset Software Installation Utility v4.20.1009) appears.
        : This stage just runs the installShield program and does not extract the INF and CAT files.
      5. Click Next in Welcome to the InstallShield Wizard for.
      6. Click Yes to Accept License Agreement.
      7. Click Next at ReadMe Information screen. The progress bar shows the extract status. After reaching 100%, the INF and CAT files have been extracted in C:\INTEL folder.
      8. Check C:\INTEL folder. The ICH4 folder and others should be in C:\INTEL directory.
      9. The INF and CAT files can be used from the Win2000, XP folders for installation.
      10. The subdirectory that you want to use is C:\INTEL\ICH6\.

      Windows 2000/XP
      1. Create the following directory structure under the Windows Setup Directory:
      2. Copy the Windows INF files from the the following folder to the directory created in Step 1.
        • Windows 2000: C:\INTEL\ICH4\Win2000
        • Windows XP: C:\INTEL\ICH6\XP
      3. Create the following directory structure under the Windows Setup Directory:
      4. Copy the Windows INF files and the catalog files (.CAT) from the folder listed in step 2 to the directory created in Step 3.
      5. Either modify the default Windows installation answer file, Unattended.txt, located in the Windows Setup Directory, or create a customized answer file. The answer file must include the following information:

        OemPreinstall = Yes

      6. Run WINNT.EXE /u:answer file name /s:windows setup directory to install Windows.

      IV. Determining which version is installed
      File version is as follows.

      infinst_autol.exe07/08/2004 15:40
      ibmtpi.xml07/08/2004 15:09

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      • Last Updated :23 Jun 2014
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