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      Left-side view - ThinkPad T440p

      ThinkPad T440p left-side view

      fl vgaa ac mdc usb3.0 mcrs


      Figure 1. ThinkPad T440p left-side view

      Index Item Description
      1 Fan louvers

      The fan louvers and internal fan enable air to circulate in the computer and to ensure proper cooling, especially the cooling of the microprocessor.

      Note: To ensure proper airflow, do not place any obstacles in front of the fan louvers.

      2 VGA connector

      Use the Video Graphics Array (VGA) connector to connect the computer to a VGA-compatible video device, such as a VGA monitor.

      Note: : If you attach the computer to a docking station, use the VGA connector on the docking station, not the one on the computer.

      3 Audio connector

      Connect headphones or a headset that has a 3.5-mm (0.14-inch), 4-pole plug to the audio connector to listen to the sound from the computer.


      • • If you are using a headset with a function switch, for example, a headset for an iPhone mobile digital device, do not press this switch while using the headset. If you press the switch, the headset microphone will be disabled, and the integrated microphones on the computer will be enabled instead.
      • The audio connector does not support a conventional microphone.
      4 Mini DisplayPort connector Use the mini DisplayPort connector to connect your computer to a compatible projector, external monitor, or high-definition television.
      5 USB 3.0 connectors

      The USB 3.0 connectors are used for connecting USB-compatible devices, such as a USB printer or a digital camera.

      Attention: When you attach a USB cable to this connector, ensure that the USB mark is facing upward. Otherwise the connector might be damaged.

      6 Media card reader slot Insert your flash media card into this slot to read the data on the card.


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