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      Bottom view

        hole battery hdd LAN slot ssd

      Index Item Description
      1 M.2 solid-state drive slot

      For some models, an M.2 solid-state drive might be installed for data storage.

      2 Emergency reset hole If the computer does not respond, remove the ac power adapter and reset the computer by inserting a straightened paper clip into the emergency reset hole to turn off the computer.
      3 Memory-upgrade slot

      You can increase the amount of memory in your computer by installing a memory module in the memory upgrade slot. Memory modules are available as options from Lenovo.

      Note: If you connect your computer to a docking station or replicator, use the Ethernet connector on the
      docking station or replicator to connect to a LAN, instead of the one on the computer.
      4 Integrated battery

      Use your computer with the battery power whenever ac power is unavailable.

      5 Hard disk drive or solid-state drive

      Depending on the model, your computer might have a large-capacity, customer-upgradable hard disk drive that can meet a variety of storage demands. Some models are equipped with a solid-state drive for data storage, making your computer lighter, smaller, and faster.

      Note: The hidden service partition is the reason why there is less free space than expected on your hard disk drive or solid-state drive. This reduction is more noticeable on the solid-state drive because of its smaller capacity.

      6 Wireless LAN card slot

      Your computer might have a wireless LAN card for you to establish wireless LAN connections.



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