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Recovery DVD (RDVD) part numbers
To find your RDVD in the PDF file, perform the following:
  1. Press Ctrl + F , type 'Recovery Media' and hit the 'Enter' key.
  2. Scroll to the table row with 'Recovery Media' text.


System service parts

Move the pointer over the part for a description. Click the part to locate the part number.



For LCD Service Parts and Recovery DVD part number, please click on the file below.

Product File Size Release Date Download Now
ThinkPad S431 92 KB 13 June 2013
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Note: ThinkPad computers contain the following types of CRUs:

  • Self-service CRUs:
    • These CRUs unplug or are held by no more than two screws.
    • Examples of these typesof CRUs include AC power adapter, power cord, battery, and hard disk drive.
    • Other self-service CRUs depending on product design might include the memory module, wireless card, keyboard, and palm rest with finger print reader and touchpad.
  • Optional-service CRUs:
    • These CRUs are isolated parts within the computer that are concealed by an access
      panel that is typically secured by more than two screws. Once the access panel is removed, the specific CRU is visible.
No. FRU description Self-service CRU Optional-service CRU
1 LCD unit No No
2 Keyboard and Keyboard bezel assembly No No
3 Thermal sensor No No
4 Thermal fan assembly No No
5 System board No No
6 Hard disk drive with the bracket or solid-state drive with the bracket (depending on the model) No Yes
7 Audio, HDMI, and USB sub card No No
8 Media card reader sub card No No
9 SD dummy card Yes No
10 Speaker assembly No No
11 Battery pack No No
12 Hall sensor No No
13 Base cover assembly No Yes
14 Fingerprint reader and fingerprint reader bracket No No
15 PCI Express Mini card for wireless LAN No Yes
16 Memory module No Yes
17 Backup battery No Yes
18 M.2 solid state drive (NGFF solid state drive ) No No
19 M.2 transfer sub card (NGFF transfer sub card) No No
20 Lenovo OneLink connector cover Yes No
21 TrackPoint cap Yes No


Notes: For detailed FRU information, including part numbers, descriptions, and substitution part numbers of other systems, go to


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