ThinkPad Tablet 2 Dock - Service Parts

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ThinkPad Tablet Dock

Country Manufacturing Assembly (ASM) part number FRU part number 65W AC Power Adapter FRU part number Power Cord FRU part number Marketing Part number
Canada, Latin America, United States 0C14528
04X0376 45N0122 42T5008 0B47109
Argentina 42T5020 0B47110
Brazil 42T5180


Japan 42T5014 0B47112

EU1 countries: Austria, Belguim, Croatia, Egypt, Finland, France, Iceland, Norway, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, France, Italy, Poland, Austria, Ukraine, Russia

42T4421 42T5029 0B47113
South Africa 42T5056 0B47115
India 42T5083 0B47116
United Kingdom 42T5035 0B47117
Australia 42T5050 0B47121
Korea 42T5077 0B47122
China 42T5065 0B47123
Taiwan 42T5071 0B47124
Denmark 42T5041 0B47114
Switzerland 42T5044 0B47118
Italy 42T5047 0B47119
Israel 42T5062 0B47120


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