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Right side view - ThinkPad T430, T430i

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Right side view

right side view Security keyhole USB 2.0 connector Wireless radio switch ExpressCard slot Media card reader slot Serial Ultrabay™ enhanced bay Smart card slot

Index Item Description
1 Security keyhole Purchase a security cable lock that fits this keyhole to lock your computer to a stationary object to protect your computer from theft.
2 USB 2.0 connector The USB 2.0 connector is used for connecting devices compatible with a USB interface, such as a USB printer or a digital camera.

Note: When you attach a USB cable to the connector, make sure that the USB mark is facing upward. Otherwise the connector might be damaged.
3 Wireless radio switch Use this switch to quickly turn on or turn off all wireless connections.
4 ExpressCard slot Your computer has an ExpressCard slot for a 34 mm-wide ExpressCard.
5 Media card reader slot Depending on the model, your computer might have a media card reader slot.
6 Serial Ultrabay enhanced bay Your computer has a bay for Serial Ultrabay Enhanced devices. Some models have an optical disk drive installed in the bay. For certain models, a 9.5 mm hard disk drive is installed through the ThinkPad 12.7 mm Serial Hard Drive Bay Adapter III.
7 Smart card slot Some models have a smart card slot.


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