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      Front view - ThinkPad T430, T430i

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      Front view

      front view Status indicators Power button Built-in stereo speaker (right) TrackPoint® pointing stick Fingerprint reader Touch pad Touch pad buttons TrackPoint buttons Fn key Built-in stereo speaker (left) Volume control buttons Black button Built-in microphone (left) Integrated camera ThinkLight® light Built-in microphone (right)

      Index Item Description
      1 Status indicators Your computer has several status indicators.
      2 Power button Use the power button to turn on the computer. To turn off the computer, use the Start menu shutdown option.

      If your computer stops responding and you cannot turn it off, press and hold the power button for four seconds or more. If the computer still is not responding, remove the ac power adapter and the battery to reset the computer.

      The power button also can be programmed through the Power Manager program to shut down the computer or put it into sleep or hibernation mode. For more information, see the help information system of the Power Manager program.
      3 Built-in stereo speaker (right)  
      10 Built-in stereo speaker (left)  
      4 TrackPoint pointing stick The keyboard contains the Lenovo unique UltraNav pointing device - Touch pad buttons, TrackPoint buttons, Touch pad and TrackPoint pointing stick. Pointing, selecting, and dragging are all part of a single process that you can perform without moving your fingers from a typing position.
      6 Touch pad
      7 Touch pad buttons
      8 TrackPoint buttons
      5 Fingerprint reader Some models have a fingerprint reader. The fingerprint authentication technology enables you to use your fingerprint to start the computer, enter the ThinkPad Setup program, or enter the Windows® operating system.
      9 Fn key Use the Fn key to take advantage of ThinkPad® function keys, such as turning on the ThinkLight light, locking the computer, managing the wireless connections, and so on
      11 Volume control buttons The volume control buttons enable you to quickly adjust the sound volume, mute the speakers, or mute the microphones of your computer.
      12 Black button When the operating system is working normally, press the black button to launch the SimpleTap program on the Windows® 7 operating system.

      You also can use this button to interrupt the startup sequence of your computer to start the Rescue and Recovery® workspace. To access the Rescue and Recovery workspace, turn on your computer and press this button when the ThinkPad logo is displayed on the screen.
      13 Built-in microphone (left) The built-in microphones capture sound and voice when used with an application program capable of handling audio.
      16 Built-in microphone (right)
      14 Integrated camera Some models have an integrated camera. Use the camera to take pictures or hold a video conference.
      15 ThinkLight light The ThinkLight light enables you to use your computer when the lighting condition is not ideal. To turn on the ThinkLight light, press the Fn key and the space key together. To turn it off, press the combination again.

      Avoid using your computer in dark conditions for prolonged periods. It is bad for your eyes.



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