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      Detailed specifications and overview - ThinkStation E31 (type 3688, 3690, 3691, 3693, 3695) (Small Form Factor)

      The single-processor E31 workstation uses a Micro Advanced Technology Extended (MATX) motherboard, both 280 watt (W) power supply unit (PSU) for Tower and 240 watt(W) for SFF, Both 25-liter and a 11-liter ATX form factor tower. The motherboard chipset consists of the Intel® PCH supporting error-correcting code (ECC) Double Data Rate 3 (DDR3) . Maximum memory supported is 32GB for UDIMMs. The processor socket is an Intel® 1055-pin Land Grid Array (LGA1155) Socket-H2 with support for dual core, quad core, processors from the Intel® Xeon line (Ivy Bridge/Sandy Bridge H2).

      For the detailed overview of this product,  please click the following URL:

      ThinkStation E31 Overvew (787.7 KB)

      View warranty status for a machine
      Warranty information and service upgrades


      System locations, ports, and features
      Locating front connectors
      Locating rear connectors
      System board diagram


      Additional information
      Hardware removal and installation - Index for removing or installing options and service parts


      Hardware Maintenance Manual - Information regarding diagnostics, hardware interfaces, and replacement (FRU) part numbers
      User Guide - General information including care and setup instructions
      Safety and Warranty Guide - Information regarding the Statement of Limited Warranty and Safety issues


      Service parts
      Recovery CD part numbers
      Service Parts


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