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      Detailed specifications and overview - ThinkStation D30

      The dual-processor ThinkStation D30 workstation uses an Extended-ATX/EEB based motherboard, an 1120 Watt (W) power supply unit (PSU), and a 49-liter ATX form factor tower. The ThinkStation D30 motherboard consists of the Intel® C602 Chipset and two 2011-pin Land Grid Array (LGA2011) Socket-R processor sockets, with support for quad core, six core, and eight core processors from the Intel® Xeon line (Sandy Bridge EP). Memory support consists of error-correcting code (ECC) unbuffered Double Data Rate 3 (DDR3) Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (SDRAM). Maximum memory supported is 128GB for UDIMMs and 512GB (pending 32GB RDIMM availability).

      For the detailed overview of this product,  please visit the following URL: http://thinkstation-specs.com/thinkstation-d30/


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