Tablet K1 Keyboard Dock - Overview

Features and specifications

This Keyboard Dock combines a dock for charging your Skylight and a smiling-keycaps keyboard, which includes hot keys that are compatible with Skylight and activate Skylight features. And it's free to type with the keyboard in front of your Skylight on your desk. It has a power code to connect with Skylight adapter so it is easy to charge your pad when using the keyboard. Features and benefits include:

  • Dedicated external keyboard
  • Optimal ergonomic input
  • Dock charger
  • Independent power charging
  • Hotkey, convenient application operation

Physical specifications:

  • Approximate height: 26mm
  • Approximate width: 195mm 
  • Approximate length: 278mm
  • Approximate weight: 510g

Operating environment:

  • Maximum Operating: 80 %
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 40 C
  • Minimum Operating Humidity: 8 %
  • Minimum Operating Temperature: 10 C



1 year

  • Announced date: 19 Jul 2011 (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United States)
  • Availability date: 19 Jul 2011 (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United States)


  • Tablet K1 keyboard dock KD101A
  • Manual


Only for K1 Tablet


Agency approvals


Additional product information
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