Lenovo 15.6" Toploader T1655 - Overview

Features and specifications

Lenovo 15.6" Toploader T1655-WW fits up to 15" laptops. It features massive capacity and has a multi-functional design with a work station and pockets inside for accessories and zippered pocket on the front side. Well padded back panel and shoulder straps provide added comfort. The stylish design and material make it the best partner for your IdeaPad.

Lenovo 15.6" Toploader T1655-WW is the casual-business partner for your IdeaPad, with a neat design and reliable quality. It provides superior laptop protection, more space and comfort.

Features and Benefits:

  • The new Ideapad family design Stylish elements, steady look
  • Independent regional design for power supply and mouse, orderly and easy to accommodate
  • Trolley case belt at back, the best partner when travelling
  • Unique vertical zipper design at front, easy access to personal belongings

Physical specifications:

  • Approximate length: 480mm
  • Approximate width: 168mm
  • Approximate height: 380mm
  • Approximate weight: 912g


Description Geography Color Marketing part number
Lenovo 15.6" Toploader T1655 United States, Canada Black 1680D PVC + 230 Nylon 78Y7332



1 year - Customer Replaceable Unit (CRU)

  • Announce date: 5 Jul 2011 (United States, Canada)
  • Availability date: 5 Jul 2011 (United States, Canada)


Hardware compatibility
Machine - Models
Ideapad 15" notebooks and below


  • Lenovo 15.6" Toploader T1655-WW
  • Hangtag
Additional product information
Cases (Topload, Backpack, Sleeve) - Reference Guide - A list of other carry cases
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