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      1070 mSATA drive - ThinkPad X1

      For access, disable the battery pack first. Refer to “1000 Disabling the battery pack in the UEFI BIOS” for detailed instructions.

      Then remove this FRU in order:

      • Please refer to “1020 Keyboard” for detailed instruction.


      • Do not drop the hard disk drive or apply any physical shock to it. The hard disk drive is sensitive to physical shock. Improper handling can cause damage and permanent loss of data.
      • Before removing the drive, have the user make a backup copy of all the information on it if possible.
      • Never remove the drive while the system is operating or is in suspend mode.

      Removal steps of mSATA drive

      Step Screw (quantity) Color
      2 M2 × 3 mm (1)
      Black 0.181 Nm
      (1.85 kgfcm)

      Removal steps of mSATA drive (continued)


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