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AC Power adapter, Power cords, and Common Service Parts

Notes: If your specific model is not listed, please enter the product number on the Support & downloads home page, and refer to the product description. Look for the Based on model.

Note: Customer replaceable units (CRUs) can be installed by the customer. All other service part FRUs must be installed by qualified technicians only.

AC Power Adapter Service Parts
Service Part Number
2-pin adapter (Models CTO, xxU, xxF, xxL, xxP, xxS, xxY, xxE, xxJ)
2-pin (65 W, 20 V) adapter 45N0122 *
3-pin adapter (Models CTO, xxG, xxM, xxQ, xxA, xxT, xxK, xxC, xxB, xxH, xxV)
3-pin (65 W, 20 V) adapter 45N0120 *


Note: A ThinkPad power cord for a specific country or region is usually available only in that country or region.

2-pin power cords
Country or regionFRU no.CRU ID
  • models -CTO, xxY
42T5020 42T5105 *
  • models -CTO, xxP
42T5180 42T5183
Canada, U.S.
  • models -CTO, xxF, xxL, xxS, xxU
42T5008 42T5093
  • models -CTO, xxE, xxJ
42T5014 42T5099


3-pin power cords
Country or regionFRU no.CRU ID
Australia, New Zealand
  • models -CTO, xxM
42T5050 42T5135 *
Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, South Africa
  • models -CTO, xxG
42T5056 42T5141
Canada, U.S.
  • models -CTO, xxG, xxT
42T5004 42T5089
China (P.R.C.) (other than Hong Kong S.A.R.)
  • models -CTO, xxC
42T5065 42T5150
  • models -CTO, xxG
42T5041 42T5126
European countries
  • models -CTO, xxG
42T5029 42T5114
  • models -CTO, xxQ
42T5083 42T5168
  • models -CTO, xxG
42T5062 42T5147
  • models -CTO, xxG
42T5047 42T5132
  • models -CTO, xxK
42T5077 42T5162
  • models -CTO, xxG
42T5044 42T5129
  • models -CTO, xxV
42T5071 42T5156
U.K., China (Hong Kong S.A.R.)
  • models -CTO, xxB, xxG, xxH
42T5035 42T5120


Common Service Tool
Service Part Numbers
Screwdriver kit 95F3598
1/4" drive spinner handle 1650840
1/4" Sq. to 1/4" hex torx adapter 93F2838
TR7-TR-10 tamper resistant torx bits 00P6967
Removal tool antenna RF connector 08K7159
USB 2.0 CD-RW/DVD-ROM combo drive II 40Y8687
USB cable 40Y8704
USB floppy diskette drive for maintenance diskette 05K9283
USB floppy diskette drive tool kit 27L3452
Test card for integrated Smart Card 42W7820
LENOVO ThinkPad Hardware Maintenance Diskette Version 1.76 or later
Note: Download the file from the following Web site:


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