PCI Express Mini Card for wireless WAN removal and installation - ThinkPad R400, T400

For access, remove these FRUs in order:

  1. Battery.
  2. Palm rest or palm rest with fingerprint reader.
  3. Keyboard.

Step 1

In step (2), unplug the jacks by using the removal tool antenna RF connector (P/N: 08K7159) or pick the connectors with your fingers and gently unplug them in direction of the arrow.

Step 2 - 3

Step Screw (quantity) Color
3 M2 × 3 mm, small-head, nylon-coated (2) Black 0.167 Nm(1.7 kgfcm)

Step 4

When installing: Plug the red cable into the jack labeled MAIN on the card, and the blue cable into the jack labeled AUX.

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