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      Replacing mouse - ThinkCentre M57 (type 6068, 6074, 9172, 6008) / M57p (type 9087, 9193, 9018, 9012)

      To remove and install the mouse follow the steps below:

      1. Remove any media (diskettes, CDs, or tapes) from the drives, shut down your operating system, and turn off all attached devices.
      2. Unplug all power cords from electrical outlets.
      3. Locate the mouse connector.

        Note: Your mouse might be connected to a standard mouse connector 1 or a USB connector 2 in the front or rear of your computer. See "Locating connectors on the rear of your computer" or "Locating computer components".

      Mouse ports

      1. Disconnect the failing mouse cable from the computer.
      2. Connect the new mouse to the appropriate connector on the computer.
      3. Go to, "Completing the parts replacement".



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