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Note: Field Replacement Unit (FRU)s that are identified in the CRU column by 1 or 2 are Customer Replaceable Units.
  • Each FRU is available for all types or model, unless specific types or models are specified.
  • A CRU (Customer Replaceable Units) is identified 1 or 2 in the CRU ID column. 1 means that the part is a Tier 1 CRU; 2 means that the part is a Tier 2 CRU. An N in the CRU ID column means that the part is not a CRU.
    • Tier 1 CRU
      • No tools required.
      • A coin or a thumb screw is acceptable.
      • Minimal technical expertise is required.
      • Minimal problem determination is required - less than 5 minutes.
    • Tier 2 CRU
      • Up to 4 screws or fasteners have to be removed.
      • Some technical experience required.
      • Support Center assistance may be used.
      • Problem determination can be done by customer, either on site or with Support Center assistance.
LanguageService part number
Service part number
Service part number
14.1 inch LCD models39T054013N997839T06022
15.0 inch LCD models39T066493P486139T0786
14.1 inch LCD models39T053513N997339T05972
15.0 inch LCD models39T065993P485639T0781
Canadian French
14.1 inch LCD models39T052213N996039T05842
15.0 inch LCD models39T064693P484339T0768
Canadian French (058)
14.1 inch LCD models39T054913N998739T06112
15.0 inch LCD models39T067393P486939T0795
Chinese, traditional
14.1 inch LCD models39T053713N997539T05992
15.0 inch LCD models39T066193P485839T0783
14.1 inch LCD models39T054113N997939T06032
15.0 inch LCD models39T066593P486239T0787
14.1 inch LCD models39T052813N996639T05902
15.0 inch LCD models39T065293P484939T0774
14.1 inch LCD models39T052513N996339T05872
15.0 inch LCD models39T064993P484639T0771
European Spanish
14.1 inch LCD models39T053013N996839T05922
15.0 inch LCD models39T065493P485139T0776
European French
14.1 inch LCD models39T052413N996239T05862
15.0 inch LCD models39T064893P484539T0770
14.1 inch LCD models39T052313N996139T05852
15.0 inch LCD models39T064793P484439T0769
14.1 inch LCD models39T054313N998139T06052
15.0 inch LCD models39T066793P486439T0789
14.1 inch LCD models39T054213N998039T06042
15.0 inch LCD models39T066693P486339T0788
14.1 inch LCD models39T053913N997739T06012
15.0 inch LCD models39T066393P486039T0785
14.1 inch LCD models39T052913N996739T05912
15.0 inch LCD models39T065393P485039T0775
14.1 inch LCD models39T052013N995839T05822
15.0 inch LCD models39T064493P484139T0766
14.1 inch LCD models39T053413N997239T05962
15.0 inch LCD models39T065893P485539T0780
Latin American Spanish
14.1 inch LCD models39T053313N997139T05952
15.0 inch LCD models39T065793P485439T0779
14.1 inch LCD models39T052713N996539T05892
15.0 inch LCD models39T065193P484839T0773
14.1 inch LCD models39T054513N998339T06072
15.0 inch LCD models39T066993P486639T0791
14.1 inch LCD models39T053213N997039T05942
15.0 inch LCD models39T065693P485339T0778
14.1 inch LCD models39T053813N997639T06002
15.0 inch LCD models39T066293P485939T0784
14.1 inch LCD models39T054413N998239T06062
15.0 inch LCD models39T066893P486539T0790
14.1 inch LCD models39T054613N998439T06082
15.0 inch LCD models39T067093P486739T0792
Swedish or Finnish
14.1 inch LCD models39T052613N996439T05882
15.0 inch LCD models39T065093P484739T0772
14.1 inch LCD models39T053113N996939T05932
15.0 inch LCD models39T065593P485239T0777
14.1 inch LCD models39T054713N998539T06092
15.0 inch LCD models39T067193P486839T0793
14.1 inch LCD models39T053613N997439T05982
15.0 inch LCD models39T066093P485739T0782
U.K. English
14.1 inch LCD models39T052113N995939T05832
15.0 inch LCD models39T064593P484239T0767
U.S. English
14.1 inch LCD models39T051913N995739T05812
15.0 inch LCD models39T064393P484039T0765
U.S. English (International)
14.1 inch LCD models39T0548NANA2
15.0 inch LCD models39T0672NANA
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