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Cover removal movie - ThinkCentre 8149, 8177, 8178, 8187, 8188, 8191, 8193, 8414, 8431

fw.gif Movie player help

fw.gif Cover installation movie


Text of the audio portion of the cover removal movie

To remove the cover:

  1. Unlock the security key lock if present.
  2. Push the cover release buttons on each side.
  3. Rotate the cover up, and then lift the cover off the machine.

Additional information

fw.gif View detailed cover removal instructions for 8187, 8188, 8193, and 8414 systems.

fw.gif View detailed cover removal instructions for 8149, 8177, and 8178 systems.

Full service video CD available from http://www.pc.ibm.com/training.


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