Battery pack removal and installation - 3000 V100, V200

  1. Turn off the computer, or enter hibernation mode. Then disconnect the AC adapter and all cables from the computer.
    Note: If you are using an ExpressCard, the computer may not be able to enter hibernation mode. In such a case, turn off the computer.

  2. Close the computer display, and turn the computer over.
  3. Unlock the battery latch [1] to the unlocked position.
    Unlock the battery latch.

  4. Unlock the battery latch [2] by sliding it to the unlocked position. Holding the latch in the unlocked position, remove the battery [3].
    Remove the battery pack.

  5. Install a fully charged battery [1].
    Install the battery pack.

  6. Slide the battery latch to the locked position [2].
    Lock the battery latch.

  7. Turn the computer over again. Connect the AC adapter and the cables to the computer.
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