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LCD rear cover, wireless LAN antenna cables removal and installation - ThinkPad R500

For access, remove these FRUs in order:

  1. Battery.
  2. Palm rest or palm rest with fingerprint reader.
  3. Keyboard.
  4. PCI Express Mini Card for wireless LAN
  5. Keyboard bezel and speakers
  6. LCD assembly.
  7. LCD front bezel.
  8. Inverter card.
  9. Bluetooth daughter card (BDC-2.1).
  10. LCD panel, LCD cable, hinges, and ALPET sheets.

Strip off the tapes securing the antenna cables at first.

Image 1

Front View

  1. ThinkLight
  2. Integrated camera (for some models)
  3. Status indicators Note: For the description of each indicator.
  4. Wireless LAN antennas
  5. Stereo speakers
  6. Security key hole
  7. Serial Ultrabay Enhanced status indicator
  8. Serial Ultrabay Enhanced latch
  9. Serial Ultrabay Enhanced device eject lever
  10. Serial Ultrabay Enhanced
  11. Fingerprint reader (for some models)
  12. TrackPoint pointing stick
  13. TrackPoint buttons
  14. Touch pad buttons (for some models)
  15. Touch pad (for some models)
  16. UltraNav (for some models)
  17. ThinkVantage button
  18. Volume control buttons
  19. Power switch

Image 2

Rear View

  1. Status indicatorsNote: For the description of each indicator.
  2. IEEE 1394 connector
  3. PC Card/ExpressCard/Smart Card slots eject buttons
  4. PC Card/ExpressCard/Smart Card slots
  5. USB connector
  6. RJ-45 (Ethernet) connector
  7. Display Port
  8. External monitor connector
  9. AC power connector
  10. RJ-11 (modem) connector

Image 3

Bottom View

  1. Battery pack
  2. Battery pack latch
  3. Docking connector
  4. Wireless radio switch
  5. Stereo headphone jack
  6. Microphone jack
  7. 7-in-1 Media Card Reader slot
  8. LCD cover latch
  9. Hard disk drive

Image 4

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