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      Completing the FRU replacement - ThinkStation S20 (type 4105, 4157, 4217)

      After replacing FRUs, you need to install any removed parts, replace the cover, and reconnect any cables, including telephone lines and power cords. Also, depending on the FRU that is replaced, you might need to confirm the updated information in the Setup Utility program.

      Note: When the power cord is first plugged in, the computer might appear to turn on for a few seconds and then turn off. This is a normal sequence to enable the computer to initialize.

      1. Ensure that all components have been reassembled correctly and that no tools or loose screws are left inside your computer.
      2. Replace the cover.
      3. Reconnect the external cables and power cords to the computer. See "Locating rear connectors".
      4. If you have replaced the system board, you must update (flash) the BIOS. See "Flash update procedures".
      5. Some FRU replacements require the configuration to be updated. See "Starting the Setup Utility program".
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