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Notebook and Desktop: Stands, Arms, Mounts, Rail Kits - Reference Guide


Lenovo Stands and Mounts

ThinkCentre Extend Arm (57Y4352)
Notebook Stands
Lenovo Essential Notebook Stand (45J9292)
Lenovo Notebook Stand S1801A (57Y6484)
Desktop Stands and Mounts
Lenovo Vertical PC and Monitor Stand II (41R4474)
Lenovo Universal All In One (AIO) Stand (0B47385)
ThinkCentre Edge 91z/92z Stand (0A33969)
ThinkCentre M32 L-Bracket Mounting Kit (4XF0G56973)
ThinkCentre Tiny Monitor Mounting Kit (0B47073)
ThinkCentre Tiny Storage Unit (0B47375)
ThinkCentre Tiny VESA Mount (0B47374)
ThinkCentre ThinkCentre Tiny Under Desk Mount Bracket (0B47097)
ThinkCentre Tiny L-Bracket Mounting Kit (Universal belt) (4XF0E51408)
ThinkCentre Tiny Vertical Stand (4XF0E53144)
ThinkCentre Tiny Sandwich Kit (0B47383)
ThinkCentre Tiny Power Cage (4XF0H09737)
ThinkCentre Tiny Clamp Bracket Mounting Kit (4XF0H41079)

Monitor Stands
Lenovo Easy Reach Monitor Stand (55Y9258)
ThinkCentre Tiny Power Cage (4XF0H09737)
ThinkStation Rack Rail Kits
ThinkStation C-Series, D-Series Rail Kit (57Y4482)


Additional Information
www.lenovo.com/psref - Personal Systems Reference (PSREF): Comprehensive information on features and technical specifications of Lenovo products
www.lenovo.com/support/accessories - Additional Lenovo Support information on options and accessories
www.lenovo.com/accessoriesguide - Additional information on options and accessories. Includes Option Compatibility Matrix (OCM).
www.lenovo.com/thinkvision - Lenovo ThinkVision monitors
Lenovo Support: Monitors - Reference Guide - A list of Lenovo Monitors
www.lenovoquickpick.com - A North America (U.S., Canada) web-based, accessories compatibility configurator


Discontinued, No Longer Available
www.lenovo.com/optionscontinuationprogram - Options Continuation Program (OCP) allows customers to buy options no longer available from Lenovo.
Stands, Mounts, Arms
Lenovo Vertical PC and Monitor Stand (41R4359)
ThinkCentre M90z Height Adjustable Stand (57Y4351)
ThinkCentre A70z Performance Stand (57Y4277)
ThinkCentre Ultra Small Under Desk Mount (40Y8625)
ThinkPad Convertible Monitor Stand (40Y7620)
ThinkPad Adjustable Notebook Stand (40Y7676)
ThinkStation D-Series Rail Kit (43R1964)
ThinkVision LCD Radial Arm (19K4464)

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