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      Mini PCI Card removal and installation - ThinkPad Z60m, Z61e, Z61m, Z61p

      Mini PCI Card removal movie
      Mini PCI Card installation movie

      Your system has a Mini PCI Card slot. If you want to replace the Mini PCI Card with a new one, follow the procedure below.

      Attention: During electrical storms, do not connect the cable to or disconnect it from the telephone outlet on the wall.

      Electric current from power, telephone, and communication cables is hazardous. To avoid shock hazard, disconnect the cables before opening the cover of this slot.

      To replace the Mini PCI Card for a ThinkPad Z60m Series system, do the following:

      1. Turn off the system; then disconnect the ac adapter and all cables from the system. Wait for a few minutes, till the inside of the system cools, before you start the following procedures.
      2. Close the system display, and turn the system over.
      3. Remove the battery.
      4. Remove the keyboard.
      5. Press out on the latches on both edges of the card at the same time (1). The card pops up (2).
        Remove the screws from the card.

      6. If a tool for removing connectors is included in the package with the new card, use it to disconnect the cables from the card (3). If no such tool is included, disconnect the cables from the card (3) by picking up the connectors with your fingers and gently unplugging them. Then remove the card (4).
        To remove the card, disconnect the cables.

      7. Align the contact edge of the new Mini PCI Card with the corresponding socket contact of the system (1). Connect the cables to the new card (2).
        Connect the cables to the new card.

      8. Pivot the card down, and press it firmly until it snaps into place.
        Pivot the card.

      9. Reinstall the keyboard.
      10. Reinstall the battery.
      11. Turn the system over again. Connect the ac adapter and cables to the system; and then turn it on.
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