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      Keyboard removal and installation - ThinkPad Z60m, Z61e, Z61m, Z61p

      Keyboard removal movie
      Keyboard installation movie


      Removing the keyboard
      Note: To replace the Mini PCI Express Card (for the ThinkPad Z60t series), the Mini PCI Card (for the ThinkPad Z60m series), or the Modem Daughter Card, you need to remove the palm rest and then the keyboard. To replace the memory, you need only to remove the palm rest.
      1. Turn off the system; then disconnect the ac adapter and all cables from the system. Wait for a few minutes, till the inside of the system cools, before you start the following procedures
      2. Close the system display, and turn the system over.
      3. Remove the battery.
      4. Remove the four screws that secure the palm rest (1), and the one screw that secures the keyboard (2).
        Remove the screws.

      5. Turn the system over and open the display. Push at the sides of the palm rest so it bends upwards in the middle a little, and lift it away from the system a little.
        Unlatch the palm rest.

      6. Move the palm rest carefully away from the system until you can see where it's connected (1), and then detach the connector (2).
        Pull the keyboard and detach the connector.

      7. Carefully lift the keyboard until you can see how it's connected.
        Lift the keyboard to see how it's connected.

      8. Hold the keyboard above the system, and then detach the connector. Now the keyboard has been removed.
        Detach the connector.

      Installing the keyboard
      1. Reinstall the keyboard by attaching it to the connector.
        Attach the connector.

      2. Insert the keyboard. Make sure its far edges are under the frame, as shown by the arrows.
        Insert the keyboard.

      3. Reinstall the palm rest by attaching it to the connector.
        Reinstall the palm rest.

      4. Push the palm rest down and towards the keyboard until it clicks into place.
        Push the palm rest down and towards the keyboard until it clicks into place.

      5. Close the system display, and turn the system over. Reinstall one screw for the keyboard (1), and four screws for the palm rest (2).
        Reinstall the screws.

      6. Reinstall the battery.
      7. Turn the system over again. Connect the ac adapter and cables to the system; then turn it on.
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