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      Installing or replacing a memory module - ThinkStation E20 (type 4215, 4219, 4220, 4221, 4222)

      Do not open your computer or attempt any repair before reading and understanding the "Important safety information" in the ThinkStation Safety and Warranty Guide that came with your computer. To obtain a copy of the ThinkStation Safety and Warranty Guide, go to Lenovo Support Website

      This section provides instructions on how to install or replace a memory module.

      Your computer has four slots for installing or replacing memory modules that provide up to a maximum of 16 GB system memory. When installing or replacing a memory module, use the following guidelines:

      • Use either DDR3 ECC UDIMMs or DDR3 Non-ECC UDIMMs for your computer. Do not install both DDR3 ECC UDIMMs and DDR3 Non-ECC UDIMMs in the same computer.
      • Use 1 GB, 2 GB, or 4 GB memory modules in any combination up to a maximum of 16 GB.
      • Install memory modules in the sequence of DIMM 1, DIMM 3, DIMM 2, and DIMM 4. See "Locating parts on the system board".

      To install or replace a memory module, do the following:

      1. Remove all media from the drives and turn off all attached devices and the computer. Then, disconnect all power cords from electrical outlets and disconnect all cables that are connected to the computer.
      2. Remove the computer cover. See "Removing the computer cover".
      3. Locate the memory slots. See "Locating parts on the system board".
      4. Remove any parts that might prevent your access to the memory slots. Depending on your computer model, you might need to remove the PCI Express x16 graphics card for easier access to the memory slots. See "Installing or replacing a PCI card".
      5. Open the retaining clips.

      Opening the retaining clips

      If you are replacing an old memory module, open the retaining clips and gently pull the memory module out of the memory slot.

      Removing memory module

      1. Position the new memory module over the memory slot. Make sure that the notch (1) on the memory module aligns correctly with the slot key (2) on the system board. Push the memory module straight down into the slot until the retaining clips close.

      Installing a memory module

      1. Reinstall the PCI Express x16 graphics card if you have removed it.
      2. To complete the installation or replacement, go to "Completing the FRU replacement".
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